RakSen Rocks Box Membership

Do you love jewelry as much as RakSen?  How does a personally curated gift of jewelry  every month, every other month, or quarterly sound to you?

Meet the RakSen Rocks Box, not actually a box!  It is a custom piece of jewelry made especially for you, and only you!  Once you sign up for the membership, RakSen will email you with questions regarding your preferences, favourites, not-so fan of, and what not!  From there, according to your membership a beautiful piece of jewelry will be made for you.  Not one piece will be the same as your others, unless requested!

Do you want to gift your next RakSen Rocks piece to someone else?  No problem, email us at sales@raksen.com minimum 2 weeks in advance to your scheduled date of shipping, and we can make changes to your regular preferences!*

How does the RakSen Rocks Box work?

You sign-up

Wait for email questionnaire

Fill out your email questionnaire

Wait for your delivery, open and enjoy!

*changes can be made to your original questionnaire, but item will be shipped to your billing address.

Prices for the RakSen Rocks Box:

RakSen time of the Month (monthly)$55 per month for 12 months, includes a custom piece of jewelry to your taste every month for 12 months.  Price includes shipping.  This is pay as you go, and can be cancelled at any time.

Made for you and only you!