Fun in the Sun Bracelet, Gold Filled with Turquoise

Each piece is custom made for you, and only you. Please allow up to 7 business days to create this beautiful jewelry just for you!
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The Fun in the Sun Bracelet is a beautiful summer's day!  The warm hues of the sun are captured with the Gold Filled tube beads, and sandblasted round beads. The Turquoise beads add the right amount of blue to your summer sky!

Want to customize with a charm?  Click on our hand stamped charms to see how it can be more cutsom fit for you!

Material:  Gold Filled and Turquoise semiprecious beads

Length of Bracelet:  up to 8"

Made for you, and only you!

Bracelet is available in, in other colours see picture, and please indicate your preference.  Names of colours are given in order from top to bottom.  If no preference is given, bracelet will be made as pictured. Price is valid for lengths between 6.5" to 8".  Please indicate your desired length.  If no indication is given, bracelet will be made 7" in length.

Gold Filled Jewelry is composed of a solid layer of gold mechanically bonded to a base of either sterling silver or some base metal.  The layer of gold on gold filled items is 5-10 times thicker than gold plating, and 15-25 times thicker than gold electroplate.